Cooking Holiday in Paris, France

If you are a kind of person who love cooking and would like to try new recipes especially different recipes and you are either on vacation or touring Paris, we advise you to do a food tours in Paris. Then you are in the right place. In Paris, we have the best offers to all those who are in Paris and are interested in cooking. Our classes are all taught in English, but we also provide lectures on those who do not know English on special requests.

French Recipe Classes

We start by introducing you to our French Cuisine and our Provence ways of life. Then, you are introduced to the Foodist. The short learning takes typically between five to seven days, and by the time you are leaving our premises, you leave as a professional in French culinary and your vacation will be a memorable one.

Experience our Vast Expertise in Cooking

Food tours paris

We have a vast experience in cooking of over thirty years. Our expertise and outstanding cooking skills have seen us recognised not only in France but also in other parts of the world. As a result, we have been receiving invites to go to countries such as Mexico, Canada and many more to showcase our skills.

Learn French Language

During the course time, you will have opportunities to visit vineyards, have a chance to learn some French, and a rare possibility of wine tasting and pairing with other people all over the world. Apart from learning the basics in cooking, you get a chance to learn about the local wine production with wine specialists. You will also visit Olive Mills where you will learn how the typical and famous goat cheese of France are produced. During your stay, while doing the cooking course, a seven nights' accommodations are provided in private guest houses and five days of classes. The private guest houses selected have good amenities for you to enjoy every single day you spend learning about French food.